OPD and Emergency Services

The outpatient department has been operating out of a double storied building immediately outside the boundary of the Institute since 1982. The OPD functions daily from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. except on holidays. The Institute caters to the needs of patients from Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and the North-Eastern States. The patients from neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh also come for consultation. It is an authorized centre of mental health for Central Government, Railways, CCL, BCCL, SAIL etc. The OPD block has facilities of mineral water and a canteen for the patients. A Sulabh Sauchalaya complex has been commissioned for the patients near the OPD block. The total number of cases seen at outpatient services during the period January-December 2017 is as follows:

New 17105
Old 57577


Process of Registration & Evaluation

When the patient first visits the outpatient services, (s)he has to get registered at the registration counter situated on the ground floor near the main gate of the OPD building. There is no charge for registration. Once registered, a registration card bearing the Case Record File (C.R.F) Number or the Unique Health Identification Number (UHID) is issued to the patient. Further, necessary personal and socio-demographic details are noted during the registration process.

Once done with the registration, a detailed work up/assessment is done by a junior doctor using a structured format during which the details about the patient’s illness is collected, documented and then discussed with the senior doctor for appropriate management and treatment. The entire process of the first visit takes approximately 2 -3 hours. The patient who has been advised psychological management has to visit another block (Psychosocial Unit) which is few minutes away from the OPD main building where the required treatment would be initiated.

Process of Follow Up

The follow up visits should be on the unit days as mentioned on the registration card. However, the patients can choose to visit on any other day in matters of emergency. For the patients having a follow up visit at the Institute, the process is similar to the first visit where they have to proceed to the registration counter with the previous registration details. A token number is received and the list of names is displayed on the notice board. The patients and their guardians need to wait outside the designated rooms for further consultation. Those who are advised subsequent outpatient treatment need to follow the same process as mentioned above during each visit and those needing inpatient treatment need to follow the process as described below.

Process of Inpatient treatment

Once advised inpatient treatment within the hospital, the patient has to report in Room No. 1 (Admission Corner) situated on the ground floor near the main gate of the OPD building. The patient has to follow the advice given in Room No.1 and deposit the money at the cash counter for inpatient treatment.

The days of various units in Psychiatry and list of special clinics at the Institute are as follows:

Sr No Department/Clinic Unit Name/Clinic In-Charge Days
1 Psychiatry Unit I & IV Monday & Thursday
2 Psychiatry Unit II & V Tuesday & Friday
3 Psychiatry Unit III & VI Wednesday & Saturday
4 De-Addiction Clinic Dr C R J Khess & Dr S K Munda Wednesday & Saturday
5 Child Guidance Clinic Dr Nishant Goyal Weekdays
6 Epilepsy & Movement Disorder Clinic Dr Nishant Goyal Thursday
7 Mood Clinic Dr D Ram Monday
8 Neurology Clinic Dr Basudeb Das Monday
9 Sleep Clinic Dr D Ram Tuesday
10 Chronic Schizophrenia Clinic Dr C R J Khess & Dr S K Munda Wednesday
11 Sex Clinic Dr S K Munda Wednesday
12 Skin Clinic Dr Arvind Kumar Wednesday
13 Tobacco Cessation Clinic Dr C R J Khess & Dr S K Munda Wednesday & Saturday
14 Metabolic Clinic Dr C R J Khess & Dr S K Munda Wednesday & Saturday
15 Geriatric Clinic Dr D Ram & Dr Nishant Goyal Friday
16 Headache Clinic Dr C R J Khess Saturday

Emergency Services

The hospital has 24 hour emergency services for patients who are mentally ill. There are 16 beds (8 males, 8 females), and the services are provided free, apart from the cost of medicines and food which has to be borne by the guardians accompanying the patient. The guardians are required to stay with the patient till their stay in emergency ward. The patient may be either discharged, referred to a medical facility or admitted to the inpatient wards depending on his/her condition. In O.P.D., there is also a facility for 24-hour telephonic help line services. The on-duty nurses and trained doctors attend the call and gives valuable advice to the people who are in need of help. The same information and help can be obtained from the contact numbers as given below:

Toll Free No: 1800-345-1849 (24 hr helpline no.)
Contact Numbers: 0651-2451115; 0651-2450822
Email: director(at)cipranchi(dot)nic(dot)in


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