Faculty Details


Name: Mrs. Mittu Muthu Varghese
Designation:  Assistant Professor of Psychiatric Social Work
Qualification: M.A.(Sociology) M.Phil. (Sociology) M.Phil. (Psychiatric Social Work)
Email : mittumuthuvarghese(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact: 7044302725
Areas Of Interest: Family & Marital therapy /Qualitative Research

Office Address:
Department of Psychiatric Social Work, Teaching Block, CIP, Kanke, Ranchi-834006

  1. Community  Mental   Health : Indian Scenario, RINPAS Journal.
  2. Mental Health Services in India, RINPAS Journal.
  3. SIS – II Profile of Mentally Retarded Children, SIS   Journal  of  Projective Psychology and Mental Health.
  4. Cognitive Symptoms in Bipolar Affective Disorder current episode mania, Indian Journal of clinical psychology.
  5. End Line Survey for ICDS III project in Rajasthan, Govt. of Rajasthan. Identifying interventions for improving motivation of health workers in UP, The Constella Futures, New Delhi.
  6. Rapid District Baseline Survey for pilot projects for population stabilization, Govt. of Rajasthan.
  7. Life-style diseases, ICMR, New Delhi.

  • Gold medal in Post-Graduation in Sociology from Kerala University
  • Award for exemplary work  during the course of M.Phil. (2002-2004) from Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Life member of Indian society of professional social work
  • Life member of Association of Industrial Psychiatry of India

Research Work Undertaken

  • Study on social aspects of infertility: This study dealt with the socio cultural factors that act as hindrance in the fertility characteristics of female population. This study was part of Post-Graduation course. (Kerala University)
  • Changing life-style among student youth: This study was carried out in the city colleges of Trivandrum District. Systematic random sampling was the method used for data collection. This study was carried out as part of M.Phil in Sociology. (Kerala University)
  • Beggars in Trivandrum city: This was a survey carried out to study the immigration pattern. The study used purposive sampling method for the collection of data. (Kerala University)Public opinion on candidates of election: Opinion poll survey was conducted before the start of the assembly election in Kerala. (Kerala University)
  • Youth in Kerala: This was a study carried out among the rural youth in Kerala with the intention finding out the aspiration pattern. The questionnaires were mailed for collecting the data. (Kerala University)
  • Modernization & Muslim women: This was a UGC sponsored study conducted in the Northern part of Kerala to study the impact of modernization on the status of Muslim women.(ICMR)
  • Reproductive Health of women: This was a study conducted by an institute in Denmark which focus on the developmental aspects in developing countries.(Mitraniketan)
  • Quality of Family Function in adolescence with Bipolar Affective Disorder: This was a study to see the influence of the quality of family function Bipolar Affective Disorder. This study was carried out at central institute of psychiatry as part of my M.Phil. in psychiatric social work.(CIP)
  • Premenstrual symptoms among women in general Population.(RINPAS)
  • Coping, self-esteem and family burden among care givers of bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia. (RINPAS)
  • Stress, burnout and life satisfaction among general nurses. (RINPAS)
  • Premenstrual symptoms among women in general population versus psychiatric population. (RINPAS)
  • Belief systems of the Tribal population of Jharkhand towards epilepsy: A qualitative approach. (RINPAS)
Dissertations guided 
  • A comparative study on resilience of caregivers of patients with schizophrenia and Bipolar affective disorder
  • Psychosocial determinants of Irritable bowel Symptoms: A comparative study
  • Psychosocial factors affecting the caregivers of children with mental retardation and caregivers of children with blindness
  • Social Cognitive functioning and schizophrenia
  • A study of the role of meta cognition and cognitive insight on symptom severity and the quality of life in Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • An Assessment of psychosocial determinants of female convicts and general female population: A comparative study
  • Impact of work related quality of life, family work conflict, work family conflict and job burnout on teaching effectiveness in teachers of senior secondary schools of Ranchi
  • A study on cyber pornography addiction in young adults
Other Activities
  • Conducted workshops on
    • Parent training for ICICI
    • Stress management for Arcelor Mittal India
  • Resource person for  Govt. of West Bengal's training programme for mental health professionals
  • Conducted orientation programme on Psychiatric Social Work at various colleges in West Bengal 
  • Served as question-setter and moderator for National  level University
Work experience
  • Research officer & Senior Research officer  in Public Health at IIHMR, Jaipur
  • Research scholar &Research officer in Mental Health at RINPAS, Ranchi
  • Assistant Professor & Head, Dept. of Psychiatric Social Work, Institute of Psychiatry, SSKM, IPGMER, Kolkata.