Computer department


 Computer Department

The computer department at the institute is one of the most sophisticated and modern department in this part of the country. It is equipped with a hardware, software and networking unit.

  • Maintenance of network: CIP has an exhaustive Fiber Optic Network with Wi-Fi access across the institute’s premises which connects the entire institution and enables internet activities and information to make available for all departments including hostels.
  • Internet Management:Two high speed leased lines (l0 Mbps from BSNL and 10 Mbps from Rail Tel and a 2Mbps Broadband) are available at CIP.
  • SUN Microsystems Cluster (Server): The server installed in the institution for Database Server requires complete management like creation of users, providing rights to them; periodic backups of data being accumulated on daily basis and providing inter connection at approved locations. It is also used for huge mathematical calculation within a few minutes. New additions include Altos server management and Procom server management which facilitates multiple CD search simultaneously. Recently the medical library at CIP has been equipped with 46 TB SAN storage server which can accumulate and process a significant volume of electronic data.
  • Education Programmes: Conduction of programmes like CME (Continued Education) and CNE (Continued Nursing Education) involve preparation of material in computer department.
  • Research activities: Preparation of protocols of research, data sheet, analysis of data and manuscript for publication and transparencies, slides and power-point presentations.
  • Work related to seminars, conferences and journal club: Organization of seminars, case conference and journal club greatly involves computer related works such as preparation hand-outs, presentation, lectures etc. Apart from that the computer department is the source of all research work conducted by the scholars in the institute