User Guidelines

  • All the users of the library would be thoroughly checked up by the staff members at the time of leaving the library if the library staff have grounds to feel so. 
  • The users would strictly enter their arrival and departure in the attendance register of the library. 
  • Apron and type of personal things would be kept in the locker out side the library.Personal books, diaries, xeroxed bound materials etc. will not be allowed inside the library. 
  • Only loose papers will be allowed inside the library.
  • Journals/Bound journals/ Reference Books/ Encyclopedia would not be issued to any one.
  • Photocopying and print out facility on payment will be available in the library.
  • Users will show their bags and other belongings volunterly to the library staff when leaving the library.
  • The users will fill up the requisition slip for any type of book or journal from the library and the same will be made available if it exists in the library within 24 hrs.
  • It will be necessary for all users to leave the library 15 minutes before the closing time of the library.