Faculty Details


Name: Dr. Varun S Mehta
Designation:  Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Qualification: M.D.,D,N.B (Psychiatry)
Email : vs_mehta(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in
Contact: 9204858189
OPD Days: Tuesday (Adult) & Thursday (Child)
Areas Of Interest: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Office Address:
Central Institute of Psychiatry, Kanke, Ranchi


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Peer reviewed Publications
Mehta, V.S., Parakh, M., Ghosh, D (2015) Web Based Interventions in Psychiatry: An Overview. International Journal of Mental Health & Psychiatry 1:3
Original research
  1. Mehta, V.S. & Ram, D. Efficacy of ranitidine in olanzapine induced weight gain: A dose response study. Early Intervention in Psychiatry (Published online on 21-12-2014)
  2. Sawant, N., Chikhalkar, S., Mehta, V.S., Ravi, M., Madke, B., Khopkar, U. (2010) Androgenetic Alopecia: Quality of Life and Associated Lifestyle Patterns. International Journal of Trichology, Jul-Dec 2010, Vol 2, Issue 2, pg: 81-85.
Short Communication
Mehta, V.S. & Ram, D. (2014) Role of Ranitidine in negative symptoms of schizophrenia – An open label study. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, S 1876 - 2018 (14) 00193-2.
Case Report
  1. Kavoor, A.R., Mitra, S., Mehta, V.S. et al (2015) Tourette syndrome and bipolar disorder: Unique problems with pediatric comorbidity. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, 37, 223-225.
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  3. Mehta, V.S., Raj, S., Singh, S., Sinha, V. (2014) Lithium induced fixed drug eruption in a case of bipolar mania. Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, 16 (2).
Non-peer reviewed Publications
  1. Parakh, M., Ghosh, D., Mehta, V.S. (2014). Web based assessment: New avenues in psychological testing. Indian Journal of Health & Well Being, 5(4), 504-506.
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  1. Young Travel Investigator Award at the 12th Biennial Australasian Schizophrenia Conference
  2. Six-month training course in Research Fundamentals at the Cross Fertilized Research Training for New Investigators in Egypt & India funded by the National Institutes of Health, USA